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Friday, 23 September 2011

Umoyo Women of Substance pledges to work with President elect Michael Sata's government

Norah Chisanga

Umoyo Women of Substance International (UWSI) says time has come for women to help rebuild Zambia under president elect Michael Sata’s government.

UWSI founder Norah Chisanga said in an interview that her organisation will seek to dialogue with the newly elected government.
 ‘’ It’s time for UWSI women to get up and work hard to make sure they get their place in the Zambian society, it’s time to help rebuild Zambia,’’ she said
“When MMD was in it’s infancy, there was a lot of noise and a lot of  women organisations erupted but a lot of things were not carried on as these groups disassociated themselves from government, therefore it’s not easy to be able to measure what support the previous government gave,’’ she said, when asked whether the MMD government paid attention to issues affecting women.
She further said her organisation will seek audience with the president on views relating to working with women especially in political and community issues, with regards to empowering women.
‘’The Zambian women were broken they had no voice, they must now stand up as one to the challenge. Now is the time to get a place on the policy and governance table with the ruling government and put up policies to empower them,’’ she said.

             The group will provide opportunities for debate on current issues facing women today.
o    the Umoyo Woman will embrace all women from different classes and get together in finding ways of making their voice heard in Parliament
o    The Umoyo Women will help each other understand good governance and policies in order to play a vital role in the lawmaking of their country.
o    The Umoyo Woman will endeavor to lobby the government in power to identify the importance of involving women in the law making process and fight for equal representation of women in Parliament.
o    The Umoyo Woman will explore ways in which women will undertake small businesses and identify financial organisations to give support in fornm of small loans and business plans

  • Values and Principles of the UWSI woman.
    • We believe in the personhood of the UWSI woman, and that their rights are an inalienable, indivisible and integral part of universal human rights
    • UWSI believes in acknowledging, valuing and rewarding women’s paid and unpaid labour in the private and public.
    • UWSI believes in solidarity, partnerships, networking, and commitment to young women’s leadership and an inter-generational transfer of skills and knowled
    • UWSI believes in nurturing feminist principles and promoting feminist leadership.
    • UWSI believes in our own diversity and recognise the benefit of working with diverse
    • institutions and individuals.
    • UWSI believes in, and encourage partnerships and alliances with men who are committed to the empowerment of women.
    • UWSI believes in the growth and long-term sustainability of organisations led and managed by women in a democratic, transparent and progressive manner.
    • UWSI believes that the African women’s movement is part of a broader movement within and outside Africa, aimed at creating an enabling environment for good governance, social justice and equality, and which tries to counter the negative consequences of globalisation
    • UWSI believes that our work will be linked to that of a Global Women’s Movement which has worked hard for gains for women and which is sustained by the voices, hands and work of women from all over the world

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