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Sharon Siwale-Fumbeshi
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Monday, 26 September 2011

Female Journalist Lays down expectations for the newly elected government

The Zambian people on September 20, 2011 went to the poll cast their vote. Michael Sata of the Patriotic Front (PF) was elected as President of the republic of Zambia. Last week the country was filled with excitement. But now the excitement is slowly fading. meaning, it’s time to get back to business and that’s exactly what Zambian Journalist Lwanga Mwilu has done. She has laid down her expectations as a woman and journalist.
Ms Mwilu expects the following-:

Lwanga Mwilu

1.My expectation is that more women will be involved in key leadership and decision making positions. It is only when women are in positions where they can influence policies and make decisions that our issues are made prioritised.

 2.I also expect the new government to ensure that girls and women have increased opportunities to education so that more of us can compete fairly for jobs and whatever else. Right now illiteracy and lack of economic empowerment are some of  the main problems experienced by our women.

3. As a journalist, my expectation is that the government improves the legal framework within which we operate. Right now there are so many oppressive laws that hinder our work and compromise the editorial independence of public media. It would be great if this government let the media do their work without interference.

You heard Ms Mwilu’s expectations for the government. What are your expectations as a woman to the newly elected government? Please comment or email

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