Sharon Siwale-Fumbeshi

Sharon Siwale-Fumbeshi
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Thursday, 25 August 2011


Human hair extensions mixed with mono fibre are attched using the most seamless methods.
The hair looks and behaves like natural hair, so you can have of any length.
There are two types of application. With Silicone bonding, extensions are attached to your own hair using a special heated silicone. There is also the 'lace wig', which is secured along the hair line for a natural look.
Because the extensions are not synthetic, you can curl, straighten or colour them in the same way you would your own hair. The brazilian weave reportedly lasts between six months and a year. Extensions are reusable so you can have them reapplied ( provided they were carefully removed by a professional)
It should therefore be noted that silicone bonding takes at least six hours, and can break and damage your hair. Also beware of fake Brazilian extensions.
They normally cost R1500 per pack ( you need two), the price caN skyrocket to R20,000, depending on the hair's length and quality.

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